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Dallas Mavericks has hired a new coach to replace Jason Kidd – report

Dallas Mavericks has hired a new coach to replace Jason Kidd – report



Jason Kidd coaching for his job? Mavs ‘Have The Personnel’ to Play Better Defense?

After dropping five of their previous six games, the Dallas Mavericks are starting to get flashbacks to their disastrous season. At the end of the season, head coach Jason Kidd may lose his job if he is unable to turn things around with his club.



After going on a season-high seven-game win streak, the Dallas Mavericks have now lost five of their last six games during the most crucial part of their schedule. The Mavs been the league’s worst defensive team during this current skid, and with every loss, we start getting flashbacks to last season when they crashed and burned en route to falling out of the Play-In Tournament and became a lottery team.



Despite all the struggles, Mavs head coach Jason Kidd is doing his best to stay positive, although his positivity doesn’t seem to be resonating with his team.



“Yeah, well, we tried everything,” Kidd said after his defense gave up 137 points to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. “We switched, switched to hit, we went zone, sometimes – give them credit. They’re one of the best offensive teams in the league. And so, for us, it’s about the rotations, not giving up the corner 3 – which we have been here, so we’ll go back, look at the film and see what we can do better.



“Understanding our offense is one of the best in the league, and so, if we can expend some of that energy on the defensive end, hopefully that gives us better chances to get a stop.”



Before the trade deadline, Kidd spoke often about how the Mavs lacked size when asked about his team’s defensive shortcomings. Now that Dallas has added P.J. Washington and Daniel Gafford into the mix, there shouldn’t be anymore excuses, and Kidd knows that.





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