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Breaking – Cowboys suspended CeeDee Lamb today…

Breaking – Cowboys suspended CeeDee Lamb today…


Dallas Cowboys Trade CeeDee Lamb? Jerry Jones Questions ‘Value’ Of Paying Star WR



This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys have remained remarkably silent. On the surface, it appears that the idea is to save budget space for future transactions while making minimal attempt to retain many important free agents. CeeDee Lamb, the top wide receiver for Dallas, is at the center of one of those likely possibilities.



Lamb has lived up to his pre-draft reputation as a ready-made alpha wide receiver who can score double-digit touchdowns and grab more than 100 catches year since moving to Dallas.



Why, therefore, is club owner Jerry Jones raising the possibility that Lamb’s contractual worth is in doubt?


Jones stated on Tuesday, “He’s out there and he’s more valuable than anybody else.” “However, such valuable quality requires you to reconcile giving up four or five players in order to acquire him. That’s my main point here. Saying something is much easier stated than done.

“Abandon four or five players?” How come? Additional Jerry…



“Whoever has CeeDee, and I hope it’s us, they’re going to use him,” Jones said. “You have to. You just have to get that kind of mileage out of him. …”

Whoever has CeeDee”? What? Jerry – YOU HAVE HIM!

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to wonder: Is Jones using zany public comments to dangle Lamb to potential bidders? What five guys could Dallas get? Whoever might want CeeDee?


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