Dallas cowboys

NFL Patriots show interest in acquiring Dak Prescott for $220milion Contract




Dak Prescott’s backyard football turf stretches 45 yards long plus another 10 yards of end zone.




Right and left hash marks further guide work on the project he completed in late June. His “D4K” logo is spray-painted in blue across the middle of the field, visible from the balcony that overlooks Prescott’s pool and backyard. There’s a nod, also, to his mother’s dying wishes: her mantra “FAITH” painted across the end zone, a silhouette of Prescott’s signature point skyward adorning the “A.”



It’s a stretch of North Texas land that lies much more dormant in August than it did in July. For nearly a month, Prescott says, he hosted his teammates for workouts two to three times per week.


“It was tough to find a place to throw,” Prescott said. “I put the foot down and said, ‘Hey, let’s get it going, it can give me somewhere every offseason.’”


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