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Congrats! 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, girlfriend of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (81), is pregnant.

Congrats! 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, girlfriend of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (81), is pregnant.


Cowboys continue to draw national skepticism for not extending any top priority player



The most agreed-upon thing about the Cowboys these days is that it is strange how they have not extended a top priority player.



Nobody understands what is taking so long. Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons are all hanging in the balance for the Dallas Cowboys to varying degrees as far as their contracts with the team are concerned. You may feel that the team should be focused on bringing back one, two or all three of these players. However you feel it is rather unlikely that you want to see them all sign their seemingly-inevitable extensions with different teams.




This is why the lack of pens swooshing across papers feels so strange. You can make arguments against extending Dak Prescott if you really want to, but it is rather difficult to do so with CeeDee Lamb or Micah Parsons. Again, it is pretty impossible to do it for both.



As the summer season is now here and the offseason rolls along, the national media – like all of us – remains flummoxed by the way that the Cowboys brain trust is approaching this whole thing.



Last week ESPN’s Bill Barnwell handed out offseason superlatives to every team and when it came to the Cowboys he leaned into the infamous “all-in” comments and how nothing that Dallas has done has lived up to that claim.



The superlative: Team most likely to utterly and completely ignore whatever its owner is saying


Owner Jerry Jones’ repeated proclamations that the Cowboys are ”all-in” this offseason seem utterly and completely at odds with how his team has conducted the offseason. When you think of a team that is all-in, you probably envision one using every spare inch of its salary cap space, trading up in the draft and making the sorts of moves that make headlines and sell jerseys.




That isn’t exactly happening in Dallas. The Cowboys have lost seven players who lined up for at least 400 snaps last season, including longtime left tackle Tyron Smith and running back Tony Pollard. They’ve brought in exactly two veterans throughout free agency: linebacker Eric Kendricks and former lead back Ezekiel Elliott. They traded down with the Lions in Round 1 of the draft, gaining an extra third-round pick, but while allowing two offensive linemen to come off the board before they eventually drafted tackle Tyler Guyton. This does not look or feel like an all-in football team.



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