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Tyree Wilson explains why he wants to depart from the Raiders to another team…

Tyree Wilson explains why he wants to depart from the Raiders to another team…


Raiders of Las Vegas DL OTAs’ Tyree Wilson
We have everything that defensive lineman Tyree Wilson of the Las Vegas Raiders said at the Silver and Black NFL OTAs available to you.



HENDERSON, NevadaNestled in the center of NFL OTAs, the Las Vegas Raiders are riding high on hope thanks to Coach Antonio Pierce’s strong leadership.

Tyree Wilson, a defensive lineman, gave a speech during a recent OTA session, which we have for you.



Q: All last year you weren’t 100%. How does it feel to be back playing the game you love healthy? Wilson: “I mean, it’s a big difference. You can come in not thinking about the injury you got. You can just focus on ball and your technique so you can get better every time you come on the field.”

Q: Did you feel like you were playing catch up all last season? Wilson: “I was definitely playing catch up. I was still limited in the movement just because of the foot.”

Q: Coach Graham talked earlier today about how much he thinks moving you inside last year will help you with the process even on the edge. Can you talk about that? Wilson: “I mean, me bumping inside really just slowed down the thinking and helped with my eyes and my hands. You really don’t have much time to think, it’s on you quick, so all you can do is react. And then when you work on the inside and then move back outside, everything slows back down.”


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